Crédito simple

Expande tu negocio con un crédito hecho a tu medida. Ideal para comprar equipo, inventario, vehículos o para expansión.


Accelerate your business
with Blú Capital

Que tu crecimiento no se detenga por falta de recursos. Recibe un crédito hecho a la medida y explota tu potencial.

Grow your business

Use your loan for any investment or operating needs.

Collateral not necessary

If you don’t have collateral
you’re still eligible for a loan.

Minimum requirements

Less requirements than a bank and faster approval times.

Tailored for you

We analyze your business and provide a personalized solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t use it for starting a new company or for any expense not related to your business.

From $20,000 to $1 million dollars depending on your financial circumstances.

We won’t ask you for collateral in most cases.

We will give you a defined amount of money. It will be paid in monthly fixed payments for a term up to 36 months.