Non-Notification Factoring

You don’t need your client’s approval, the process is 100% between Blu Capital and you.

Trade your outstanding
invoices for cash

It’s simple, upload your invoices and
get your money in 24 hours or less.


Cash flow

Don’t lose opportunities while you wait for payment.


Your client’s approval is not necessary and we will not contact them for any reason.

You’re in control

Pick the invoices you want,
there is no mandatory quota.


Get your money in hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your client will not be notified or contacted by us at any moment nor is their approval required for the factoring process. Everything is 100% done between Blu Capital and you.

Upload your invoices to our platform and you’ll receive your payment in less than 24 hours. Quick and easy.

If you’re a manufacturer or part of the supply chain, you’re a candidate.

No. Just pick the ones you need.